10x your courage


I want to give 1 hour a week to an adult that wants to sort and sift through the stuff of life resulting in a clear next step and reinvigorated sense of life purpose. I specifically want to work with pioneers doing intensive work around social justice/mission/cause issues.

I love working with pioneers and explorers that are “all-in” on their dreams…even if things are tough right now, you know that deep down you will find a way! I can help you in a tough spot so that you are empowered to get back at it. I will support you to get in-touch with Jesus and your heart so that you can be present with what you really need.

We will jump right in to what’s important to you! It will be honest, loving, and powerful. I will give you my best!

You can check me out at www.brittanimorris.com. Feel free to shoot me a text or call 216-385-5831.

We can meet over the phone or online.

Peace and fun,