About the HELP NEEDED category

At some point or an other, we all need a little help. If you’re looking for any kind of physical help this would be the place to post it. If you’re looking to help someone out this is the place to look.

Guidelines for the Help Needed Board

  • Only post needs requiring physical help (moving, labor, projects). If you have a financial need please email benevolence@renewcommunities.com.

  • Be sure to include contact information so that people can get in touch with you personally. The church staff is not coordinating any of these projects so you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to communicate exactly what you need.

  • Always remember if someone is willing to help you out with your need they are doing so out of the goodness of their heart. There is no requirement and no expectation so treat them like a friend helping you out and not like someone who is working for you.

  • The Renew Staff reserves the right to remove any request that seems inappropriate. If we do remove your post we’ll reach out with an explanation of why and try and figure out another way to help you find the help you need.

  • Feel free to respond to all posts with questions clarifying the need before you commit to helping.