Any basketballers?

any ballers out there interested in weekly games? We could just play pickup somewhere like Middleburg Heights Rec, or there’s also the Berea men’s rec league. Costs some money but the games are refereed and it’s a lot of fun.

My husband loves to play. Lmk details

Yes I love to play basketball

My husband Stephen would be in too. And we’re in Middleburg Heights.

Awesome! What days and times work best for you? For me M-F after 7p works best. I think Middleburg heights rec has open gym for pickup basketball most nights. It’s $5 for residents if you don’t have a membership and $10 for non residents. OR if it’s nice another option is the outdoor court by the middle school on Paula. The double rims are unforgiving but it’s free so there’s that. Send me a Facebook message and we can coordinate.